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Chinese style Chilli Idli

Making a Chinese-style Chilli Idli is the easiest way of consuming leftover Idlis. Of course, one always has the liberty...

Chicken/ Vegetable Pasta

Greetings to you all. :) Today I'm going to post something which is straight from my mom, Mrs. Varsha Bathija's cook bo...

Sindhi Tomato Curry Recipe

Tomato curry is a staple lunch menu in every Sindhi family's home on a Sunday. It is popularly known as "Curry-Chaaval"....

Awadhi style Murgh Kali Mirch Recipe

On one of my recent visits to Holiday Inn Mumbai, I attended the Awadhi food festival at the hotel's in-house restaurant...
Burmese Khow Suey The hungry Cancerian

Burmese Khow Suey Recipe

With the ongoing nation-wide lockdown, it's difficult for foodies like us to curb our cravings. Am I right? For a person...

Chicken-Mayo Salad

Hey everyone! It’s summer time, and it becomes difficult for your body to digest heavy meals. In this scorching heat, w...

Make a Bread-Pizza with just 10 Basic Ingredients from your Kitchen!

When hunger strikes and there’s nothing interesting in the kitchen, I always look up to ‘bread’ as my saviour! Experime...

Surmai Fish Fry Recipe

Weekends are always special to me, as the whole family gets to spend time together after a long week. Obviously the ...

Nutella Smoothie

Summer is here!! And as we all know how bad Mumbai’s heat is.. So here’s what I’ve come up today to beat the heat. This...

Chicken Korma

Have you guys experienced what it’s like being home alone? Sounds so much fun right! You can call in your friends for a...
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