Even before Kharghar’s real estate sky-rocketed, the owners of this particular Cafe discovered a potential market back then.. Strategically located right at the entrance of Kharghar, this place needs no further introduction. Here’s presenting ‘Cafe Monza‘ which is one of the most popular and favourite hangout space in the vicinity. 
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The Cafe boasts a bright ambience with shades of pastel green and white. Although, the monochrome marble flooring bags all the brownie points! The premise is quite spacious and has a seating arrangement upstairs as well. All in all, it’s pretty neat & minimal, and exactly the type of place to chill on a winter evening.
Speaking of winter evenings, we visited when the temperature dipped to 21°. (Yes, that’s an exceptionally low temperature for Mumbaikars! :P). From our last visit to the Cafe, we noticed a major revamp in the menu this time. More food options, milkshakes, mocktails, desserts and what not that one is spoilt for choice! 
Inorder to not confuse our viewers with the vast menu, we are listing down the dishes that are a must try at Cafe Monza.
Choccocino- If you’re bored of your regular cappuccinos, this beverage will surely restore your love for coffee. It’s mildly sweet, contains chocolate and strong just like cappuccino.
BBQ Chicken Pizza
BBQ Chicken Pizza- Smokey chicken, mushrooms & capers placed on Barbecue flavoured sauce, and stuffed with excess mozzarella cheese. This one tasted amazing for its oodles of cheese toppings. Just look at that cheese stretch though! Absolutely recommended.
Chicken Tikka Panini
Chicken Tikka Panini- A creamy Chicken Tikka gravy with a melange of spices stuffed between Panini breads. These breads are made in-house, and are so friggin’ fluffy and fresh!
Mojito- Your regular mojito with some extraordinary flavour is what exactly you should pair with a couple of sandwiches. The syrups, mint leaves, soda- all fresh, and overall a refreshing drink!
Sorrento Sunrise
Sorrento Sunrise- This ombre beauty consists of Orange juice, hazelnut and granite grey. The drink tastes as sweet as it looks. We loved it!
Picture Courtesy: @thefoodiebattle on Instagram
Penne Paprika Pasta- Penne pasta cooked in Chef’s special paprika sauce. This one’s moderately spiced, with the right amount of cheese to make a creamy texture. We can’t describe how lovely it tasted. Absolutely recommended by Team The Hungry Cancerian! 
BBQ Chicken Leg
BBQ Chicken Leg- Grilled vegetables on a heap of mashed potatoes, with barbecued chicken leg on the side and some BBQ sauce in a bowl. This dish sure makes an excellent option for mains for it’s delicious yet filling portions.
Hazelnut Affogato
Hazelnut Affogato- The Hazelnut Affogato here is something that you shouldn’t miss! Concentrated with Espresso, Vanilla ice cream and hazelnut syrup- this cold beverage is a suitable palate cleanser to end your meal with.
French Chocolate
French Chocolate- Gooey cake made of rich, exotic chocolate and dressed up in a gorgeous chocolate cage around it. This is one of the best selling dessert at the Cafè, and one just can’t miss it out for its epic presentation and sinful taste. 
Team TheHungryCancerian recommended!
Oreo Cheesecake
Oreo Cheesecake- Decadent cheesecake with Oreo crumble. This one is so rich in flavour, and an absolute bliss over each bite! Must try.
With these 10 recommendations by The Hungry Cancerian, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the best culinary experience at Cafe Monza. 
Our overall reviewing experience at Cafe Monza was extremely pleasurable. We have never faced any glitches with service, the management & staff is very courteous which makes the visit even more worth it. 

The Hungry Cancerian verdict:

The overall verdict for Cafe Monza is 4.5/5