While most people get mood swings, I get ‘BHOOK SWINGS’! So my Sunday bhook swing took me to Versova’s 14 Sauce Story. 

14 Sauce Story is pretty little restro-bar located on the ever hustling JP Road and will get you attracted through its vibrant & colorful entrance itself.

The place is filled with positive vibes and boasts an ambience indoors, as well as outdoors.

The outdoor ambience comprises of minimal, white furniture made of cane and displays a cute swing on one corner.

Whereas, the indoor premise is a combination of modern designs and, has an artistic appeal with wall hangings and dim light bulbs.

We started off with a few vodka based cocktails, as follows-

Frozen Kiwi Margarita
Frozen Kiwi Margarita‘ is an ice blended cocktail with tequila and kiwi. The chilled and tangy flavours made this drink a remarkable one!


Capriosca‘ is one such cocktail made of minimal ingredients like Vodka, a squeeze of lemon & sugar. It is a drink best served in the sun.
Screwdriver‘ – We loved how this drink got us addicted with it’s fruity flavours. The blend of Vodka with a dash of Orange juice and lemon slice tasted fabulous, without making one feel tipsy!

Chicken Sausages in homemade Barbeque Sauce

Chicken sausages in Homemade Barbeque Sauce‘ – Bite sized portions cut in a very artistic manner, dressed with bacon and onion springs. This dish is definitely a must try for starters!
Arancini‘ – Fried risotto dumplings served with Diablo sauce were ridiculously delicious. The outer coating of it was crisp, while the fillings were tender and melt in mouth. The portion was relatively small, but definitely worth the taste.

Parmesan Crusted Chicken

Parmesan Crusted Chicken‘ – This dish was our favorite when we moved to the main course. The chicken was tender, and cooked to perfection. Also, the right amount of Parmesan built so many good flavors to the dish.

Waffle Chicken Burger

Waffle Chicken Burger‘ – Ever wondered how Waffles & Chicken would taste together?
We’ll give you a spoiler:- IT TASTES DELICIOUS!
If you’re a waffle lover, and a person who’s open to trying different dishes; this one should be added to your wishlist!

Signature 14 Sauce Platter
Signature 14 Sauce Platter‘ – The name of this place was a mystery to us, until we tried this in-house speciality which consists of 14 lip-smacking sauces and some finger foods along with them.
We were highly impressed by their signature dish, and would totally recommend to those who visit this place in large groups.
Our overall experience at this restaurant was pretty much pleasurable. The food and ambience of this place sets the perfect mood for a weekend dinner.
Apart from all this, they also host various musical night and stand up comedy shows.
The place is jam-packed on weekends and irrespective of that, the service lead time is impressive and the staff is friendly and efficient.
Our overall rating for ’14 Sauce Story’ is 4/5.