Cuisines- Chinese, Thai, Italian & Indian.
Restaurant type- Pub & Casual Dining
Time- 12 noon to 1 a.m.
Cost- INR 1100 for 2 people (approx)
Address- Hotel Wanton House, Plot no. 4, sector 26, Palm Beach Road, Vashi, Navi Mumbai.
The ever bustling Khar outlet is one of the oldest Pub and our all time favorite. Little did we know that the management would decide to expand it’s branch along the Palm Beach Road of Navi Mumbai.
The outer appearance and ambience inside remains the same as to the Khar outlet, only to our surprise that this one’s a 2 storeyed outlet & more spacious!
So now since there’s a new pub in the city, we’ll give you a handful of reasons for why you should visit this place:

1. Drinks & Cocktails with a twist!

3WM recently celebrated their anniversary with a complete new menu in food and bar, and made serving drinks in a ‘barrel’ a statement for the bar menu. 
Apart from these we also loved a few other cocktails like Black Russian  & Long Island Iced Tea.

2. A never-ending array of Appetizers!

Being a multicuisine restaurant, the menu not only halts at your regular appetizers, but there are many more fusion dishes that you’ll be spoilt for choice.
Our recommendations: 
  • Pizza Fries, 
  • Mushroom/Mutton Sukkha, &
  • Their unique & in-house special varieties of Naan Pav.
Pizza Fries
Mutton Sukkha with Manglorean Noodles
Butter Chicken Naan Pav
Makai Galouti Kebab
Regular French Fries
Chicken Satay
Chicken Pani Puri
Spicy Shrimp on Cheddar

3. Dal Khichdi with Crispy..

For the love of Dal Khichdi, 3 Wise Monkeys introduced us to a modified version of this dish by adding Paneer/ Chicken Crispy.
Dal Khichdi with Crispy
At first we were sceptical regarding its taste, but surprisingly the combination tasted pretty well!
It was so good that we still can’t stop thinking about it! 😍
Team ‘The Hungry Cancerian’ recommended!

4. Chilled Out Ambience.

The ambience comprises of dim lights, wooden finished walls & staircases, live music and a bar on each floor. This place would surely make one feel relaxed with it’s soothing drinks and some next level comfort food!
3WM Biryani

5. Karaoke Nights! 😀

And last, but not the least- They schedule Karaoke nights every Thursday where they invite some really talented musicians/ singers to perform. With such amazing talent in-house, you’re sure to groove along the musical night.
(By the way, it’s Thursday today!)
Hence, now we are sure that you have a good plan awaiting this weekend! 😀
3 Wise Monkeys gave us an wonderful experience of all aspects under one roof. Be it food, cocktails, music or service; everything was spectacular and spot on!
Peach Melba
BKC-Brownie, Kahlua, Cream

Would we visit again?

Well, we have visited them twice already! :’)

The overall verdict for 3 Wise Monkeys is 4.5/ 5.

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