The newly opened Razzberry Rhinoceros is a sweet nostalgia that takes you down the memory lane. The place, then known as ‘Razz’, was a great platform that supported rock/ metal bands and encouraged live performances during the late 90s. Until around mid-2000s, it shut down for such activities and served as a banquet since then.
The recent revamp divides the 20,000 sq. ft. property into 5 sections: Bistro, Patio, Razz Bar, The Deck & a Private section reserved for members only.
We preferred seated at The Deck for it’s spectacular view of the Juhu Beach. The deck consists of open air seating area, with a couple of white Shamianas at one end. This section is at it’s best during evenings, with a breathtaking sunset view! The Deck experience gives one the typical feeling of being teleported to Goa, sitting on a shack with your drink and some bar nibbles. 
We were served with an 8-course meal, specially curated by Chef Anil Jayaprakash and his team. 

Wasabi Beetroot Hummus with Bajra Crisps
The first course started with an array of mouthwatering appetizers such as Wasabi Beetroot Hummus with Bajra Crisps. This unusual, yet delectable combination looked fantastic and tasted equally good. 

White Mushroom Silke  Kebab
Then came in White Mushroom Silken Kebab with Coin Parathas and Jalapeno chutney. This appetizer is a must try if you’re fond of Kebabs. It is absolutely melt-in-mouth and worth re-ordering!
Meanwhile Roger, the mixologist at Razz Bar bought us some refreshing cocktails:

Sweet Lime and Sage
Sweet Lime and Sage is a gin based cocktail with a dash of sweet lime and salt, garnished with sage. This is definitely one of our favorites at Razz.

Pineapple and Kaffir
Our next favorite cocktail was Pineapple and Kaffir that had Gold Rum with an amazing concoction of Orange and Pineapple Juice, along with Kaffir. This one’s a little more sweeter than the previous drink, also has an amazing taste and presentation.

Smoked Cheese and Apple Salad
We then moved to our next course which consisted of Soups & Salads. Beginning with Smoked Cheese and Apple Salad that was beautifully plated with cherry tomatoes and crunchy lettuce. The salad, which was followed by Green Peas Shorba and Seafood Broth. Both soups tasted equally delicious, with subtle flavours of their respective ingredients. 

Green Peas Shorba

Seafood Broth

As the night just began to get livelier, we were entertained with a great choice music collection and moved to our next course i.e. the Kebabs.

Grilled Kasundi Prawns with Orange and Cream Cheese
Grilled Kasundi Prawns with Orange and Cream Cheese, which was tender and cooked to perfection. Every bite bought in the best of flavors of the tangy marinade. We’re definitely recommending this one!

Mutton Seekh Kebab
Next dish up was Mutton Seekh Kebab served on a grill. We paired this with Musklmelon & Litchi Cocktail. Trust us, there’s no better way to bring in a Sundowner than this! 😍

Muskmelon and Litchi Cocktail
Subz ki Shammi Tikka

The Subz ki Shammi Tikka and Jackfruit based kebabs also tasted decent. The akrot ki chutney served along with them was heavenly!

Macchli Rubaiyat Achari

Further, main course dishes consisted generous portions of: 

  • Pork Curry with Apple Cous Cous 
  • Slow Cooked Lamb
  • Cheese Tart
  • Kucchi Yakhni Gosht Biryani
  • Butter Chicken with assorted Naan Basket
Pork Curry with Apple Cous Cous
Slow Cooked Lamb
Kucchi Chicken Biyani
Butter Chicken with Assorted Naan Basket 
Cheesy Tart

All the above dishes were truly delicious, we really loved the Cheesy Tart and Pork Curry. 
However the Biryani’s taste was just satisfactory, since the flavors weren’t blend appropriately and lacked sufficient masala. 

Our most favorite main course particularly was the Butter Chicken with assorted Naans. A rich blend of spices & other heavenly ingredients cooked in a luscious thick gravy with Chicken leg pieces, that was served with an assortment of laal mirch paratha and butter kulcha. The butter chicken was so good, that we’re falling short of words to describe it’s taste! 
If you’d ask us about our top 5 Butter Chicken places in Mumbai, Razzberry Rhinoceros has to be one of them! 🙂

Pink Peppercorn Mousse and Belgium Chocolate Cake

And finally we concluded with a dessert platter, neatly plated with Pink Peppercorn Mousse and Belgium Flourless Chocolate Cake. We tasted one of the best Flourless cakes here, that we couldn’t resist gobbling down in few seconds. 

 Mint Julep

The hospitality at Razberry Rhinoceros was top notch, with great service and courteous staff members. We really enjoyed our meal to the fullest, and it wouldn’t have been possible without their efforts. The F&B at Razz is impeccable, that also has the perks of a beautiful view. We found this place pretty awesome and absolute value for money!
So, for those reasons…
‘TheHungryCancerian’ verdict for Razzberry Rhinoceros is 5/5.