Besides fancy cafes & restaurants that are creating a buzz around the city, Navi Mumbai is soon becoming the ultimate destination for all party animals.

Presenting the newest restaurant and bar in Belapur- ‘Jumping Frog’, a brainchild of Mrs. Simran Vijan and her spouse. Having a remarkable journey in the hospitality industry for over 15 years, the husband-wife duo are all set to rock the nightlife trend in Belapur.

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Situated in a prime area that of sector 15 in Belapur, Jumping Frog is very easy to locate. The restaurant is a two-storeyed spacious eating premise, with proper ventilation and fire compliance.

Level one of the place depicts a very colorful and cozy environment,which is perfect for a peaceful meal. Additionally,  the upper floor has amenities that of a spacious dance-floor, DJ, etc. A lot of effort has been made to focus on bright colors and designs that match with the restaurant/bar’s theme.

Speaking of our personal experience at Jumping Frog, we visited the restaurant on a Sunday at 12:30 p.m. for lunch. Being a weekend afternoon, there were hardly any visitors at the moment. Gradually, the footfall increased and soon the place was almost full by 2 p.m.

Considering the fact that the place was almost full, there was no chance we faced any issues with their service for even once. So brownie points for that!

Coming to their F&B, we tried a couple of mocktails and multi-cuisine dishes from their vast set of menu. Speaking of that, Jumping Frog’s menu is designed in such a way that it suits both requirements of a bar, as well as a restaurant. Equal importance is given to the main dishes, along with appetizers & small plates.

JF Loaded Nachos

We tried the JF Loaded Nachos first, which were indeed loaded with lots of jalapenos, olives, tomato salsa, freshly whipped guacamole and topped off with sour cream. The tortilla chips had a subtle flavor of cheese, and remained crisp thoroughly. We really enjoyed having these with our drinks.

Wok-style Thai Basil Chicken

Next up was a Wok-style Thai Basil Chicken, that had a taste to literally die for! Deboned & boiled, tender chicken peices cooked in a spicy Thai coconut gravy base. The chicken was perfectly cooked and the flavor of  Thai spiced gravy tasted evenly on the chicken.

Butter Garlic Prawns

Butter Garlic Prawns, one of the most commonly served dishes at JF had a great, but very mild taste of pepper and garlic tossed in butter. Nevertheless, a stronger flavor of these ingredients would’ve made the prawns definitely standout among the rest.

Mombasa Kebabs

The next appetizer is a Kenyan delicacy, called Mombasa Kebabs. This lovely chicken kebab is
infused with certain spices and coated with peanuts for a crunchy texture. The Mombasa Kebab is a well-known street food dish in Kenya.

Sparkle Froggy

Meanwhile, we also tried few mocktails such as Sparkle Froggy Mocktail, Grasshopper and Bartender’s special.


The Grasshopper is a great option if you’re looking for virgin margaritas.

Bartender’s Special

However, if you trust the bartender’s instinct, go for the Bartender’s special cocktail that has a lovely concoction of grapes, green apples & orange.

Considering prices of IMFL, Domestic Beers and straight drinks; we found it comparatively easy on the pockets. The newly launched offer of 1+1 on drinks and food is extremely pocket-friendly, that is valid 24/7.

Moving to main course, we preferred sticking to Indian food. So Chef Bijay got us some of his signature dishes, namely- Mutton Rogan Josh and Dal Makhani paired with some extra buttery & garlic Naans.

The Rogan Josh gravy, a slightly thick one tasted fantastic- mainly because of the recipe’s spice mix. However, at one instance, the Mutton pieces seemed a tad bit under-cooked. We tend to believe it was accidental, and otherwise think it would have been absolutely perfect.
Also, the Dal Makhani tasted delectable and best paired with Butter Naan.

Phirni Souffle

Apart from savory, Jumping Frog also has a decent dessert menu with many innovative options to it. For instance, the Phirni Souffle is an outstanding combination of Kesar and dryfruit phirni that is baked until slightly puffed like a souffle. Clearly, this dessert is a must-have if you’re planning to ditch your regular cheesecake or sizzling brownie.

On the other hand, Devil’s Chocolate Mud Cake is a sinful delight of an extremely gooey chocolate slice slathered with warm chocolate syrup. To sum it up in a word, it is ‘decadent’!

The overall vibe at Jumping Frog is pretty energetic, and most importantly, the staff is taking extraordinary efforts to keep up with the hustle. Lastly, we salute Chef Bijay Rawat and his team for all the mouthwatering food and spectacular service. Truly, because of all the above stated facts, Jumping Frog seems a very promising brand that is set to make a significant mark in the industry.

The Hungry Cancerian verdict for ‘Jumping Frog’ is 4.5 /5