‘Tis not everyday that you get a chance to relish a cuisine you’ve never tried before. Reviewing different cuisines across different places has made us accustomed to the idea of discovering a new dish each time. And this time it was about discovering a new cuisine altogether! 
Regional Corner
Recently we were privileged to sample the buffet dinner hosted at The Bayview Restaurant at Hotel Marine Plaza. What’s new about this buffet is that they’ve recently introduced a ‘Regional Corner’ section. This section of the buffet is hosted every Monday with a new Indian-origin Cuisine ranging from Maharashtrian to Bengali, Awadhi, Hyderabadi and so on.. 
On our visit to the lavish property last Monday, we were treated to some authentic Oriyan Cuisine.
To be honest, we had never tried Oriyan food before. Hence we’re certainly not the right ones to judge it. But as far as we’d heard and read about it, it definitely matched that level of expectation!
Vegetable Raita
The Buffet consisted of Cold cuts, Salads, Sushi, Asian Gravys and Rice, Chaat counter, an entire counter for Oriyan food, and a decent variety of Desserts. 
Samosa Chaat
Watermelon Shots
While the entire buffet was a treat for our eyes & palates, we enjoyed our Oriyan meal the most. 
Following were the dishes that we tried-

Oriyan Thaali
  • Aloo Porwal Rassa
  • Machatakari
  • Chicheda 
  • Dalma 
  • Ghee Bhaat 
  • Kheer 
  • Rasogolla 
  • Meetha Paan
The combination of Dalma & Ghee Bhaat was fantastic beyond words. So delicious and flavor-packed, that we considered over eating it. 
Apart from these, we also loved Aloo Porwal Rassa the most, because it seemed exactly what homemade food tastes like. 
The Machatakari is a fish curry based Oriyan delicacy which was finger licking good.
Regional Cuisine Desserts
And lastly the desserts- both Kheer & Rasogolla left us speechless. Extremely delicious, that it felt like we’ve migrated to the lands of East India. 
International Desserts

So we’re saying..

Grab this delicious Buffet everyday at the restaurant that flaunts a breathtaking view of the Queen’s Necklace, that too at modest prices! 
Mon-Sat (Lunch): Rs. 1750
Mon-Sun  (Dinner): Rs. 1750
And if you’re a food enthusiast like us who loves trying different cuisines, visit this place every Monday to pamper your taste-buds.

Regional Cuisine schedule-

27th February, 2017: Bengali Cuisine
6th March, 2017: Hyderabadi Cuisine.
P.S. The Oriyan Cuisine will be scheduled again in March. 
For reservations, contact- 022 22851212
Address: Hotel Marine Plaza, 29, Marine Drive, Churchgate, Mumbai.
The Hungry Cancerian verdict for ‘The Bayview Restaurant’ is 4/5.