So for most Indians, Pizza is the first dish that strikes our mind when it comes to Italian cuisine. 
Speaking of which, Pizza making is an art in itself mastered by very few! 
However, Celini at The Grand Hyatt brings us the taste of authentic Italian Pizzas directly from the lands of Italy. 
Introducing Chef Pasqualino Barbasso– a man with a mission to create the highest quality Pizzas in the most entertaining way. He is one of the most talented Pizzaiolo who mastered the art of acrobatic Pizza-making, and is well recognized in his field. 
In 1998 he won the Sicily‚Äôs Acrobatic Pizza championship. By 2001 he was World Champion, a title that he won in 2002 for the second time. Since then he has made dozens of appearances in Italian restaurants and Pizzerias around the world.  
Click here to watch how the Chef flips, twirls, tosses & spins the Pizza dough!
We were truly privileged to sample the Pizza menu curated by Chef Pasqualino Barbasso and Chef Alessandro. The menu consisted of 10 delicious variety of Pizzas, paired with wine and desserts that were to die for! 
Below are some of our favourites from the menu-
Indigo: A Pizza made the Indian style, which also is Chef Pasqualino’s personal favorite. The Palak Paneer preparation is made by Chef himself and believe us or not, we’ve never had Palak Paneer as delicious as this- which was a Pizza topping.
Indigo & Mediterranea (half-n-half)
Mediterranea: A layer of Pizza sauce topped with mozzarella, dried eggplants, dried tomatoes, black olives & sprinkled with basil powder. Truly a delicious pizza, with some unique variety of ingredients. 
Chikkiriki: We must admit that the chef’s takeover on Indian style Pizzas were an absolute hit! With basic ingredients like Mozzarella, Chicken Tikka, Spinach and Onions this Pizza tasted mind-blowing to a whole new level.
Chikkiriki & Sapori di Bosco (half-n-half)
Sapori Di Bosco: Spicy pepperoni Pizza, which was also stuffed with oodles of mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce and porcini. This Pizza surely made us fall weak in the knees! 

Asparagi e salmone affumicato & Lilly (half-n-half)
Asparagi e salmone affumicato: Another masterpiece made with asparagus cream, mozzarella, smoked salmon, ricotta cheese and parsley.

Arrotolata: A warm, pastry-like textured dish stuffed with tonnes of mozzarella alongwith artichoke, parma ham, rocket and shaved parmesan. The arrotolata was indeed a showstealer of our dinner table because of it’s amazing taste and cheesy layers!
Also, the Pizza dough preparation is one of a kind, soft and moist. 
For desserts, we were served freshly made Cannoli and Tiramisu. Both desserts tasted remarkable, but the Tiramisu was delectable beyond words and hence cannot be missed!
The event is on until 2nd April, 2017 at Celini. We would really recommend all foodies to try this unique menu by Chef Pasqualino for a memorable and most entertaining Pizza and Wine pairing experience!
Address: Grand Hyatt Mumbai, Bandra Kurla Complex, Off Western Express Highway, Santacruz East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400055

Phone: 022 6676 1160
Hours: 12-3 p.m. & 7 p.m. to 2 a.m.
Our overall verdict for Celini at The Grand Hyatt is 5/5.