Flavors, being a part of Yogi Group of Hotels defines what great fine dines are made of! 
The restaurant is located off Sion-Trombay highway, across Sanpada railway station. This elegant property must be over a decade old, and our memory as a kid reminds us of how spacious this restaurant was earlier. 
The recent revamp bought in a partition which divides the property in a spacious banquet and a plush, modern-aged restaurant. Nevertheless, the service and food remain as good as they were before! 
The ambience post revamp looks amazing and dynamic, consisting of bright lights & Italian Marble clad pillars. 
They have a bar menu suited for everyone’s drink preferences, dealing with excellent variety of imported as well as domestic liquors & cocktails.
Moving on to their food, we’ve always been flattered by the dishes that are been served here.
Here’s a quick list of our favorites at Flavors-
Flavors Special Kebab
Flavors Special Kebab- Tender, succulent pieces of boneless Chicken marinated in finest quality of spices and grilled on Tandoor.
Flavors Special Kebab
This dish looks appealing just by it’s textures and presentation! Absolutely recommended by Team The Hungry Cancerian. 
Flora Tandoori
Flora Tandoori- Large Broccoli strands, grilled on Tandoor and plated in an artistic manner along with 3 varieties of dips. Simple, yet tasted outstanding! 
Bikaneri Seekh Kebab
Bikaneri Seekh Kebab- A unique concept of Seekh which consists ingredients like- minced vegetables, mashed with cottage cheese & kalimiri and rolled on skewers. The crispy coating on the Seekh was superb which added a crunch to the kebabs.
Paneer Hilltop
Paneer Hilltop- Cottage cheese stuffed spinach, coriander, other Indian spices and coated with thick marinate of yogurt and various masalas. The spices reached in-depth of the Paneer, in spite them being cut in such big cubes. This is probably a no-brainer for us when it comes to calling for vegetarian starters. 
Veg Lotus, Fruity Sangria (L) & Mint Mojito (R)
Veg Lotus- If you’re a vegetarian food enthusiast and would love to explore the menu a little further, simply go ahead with Veg Lotus.
Small cubes of cottage cheese cooked in Chinese style sauce and stuffed in a lotus shaped crispy basket. Oh boy, this was so good yet filling! The paneer stuffing was simply mouth-watering with tons of flavors to entice our palates.
Team The Hungry Cancerian recommended! 
We also tried a few mocktails, as shown below:
Fruity Sangria- If you’re a lover of fruits, this is the perfect Mocktail to opt for. An ideal drink to sip on a hot, sunny day or on a calm evening date. This drink tastes beyond perfection and definitely ringed the bell for us! (Refer previous picture)
Mint Mojito
Mint Mojito- Your regular mojito infused with refreshing minty flavors and a dash of lime. Served chilled in a classic Mason Jar. 
Red & Green
Red & Green- A unique combination of Watermelon juice and Kiwi syrup.  What makes this drink awesome is its colourful appearance as the thick Kiwi syrup forms the base, and watermelon juice that floats on top of it. The only drawback was that the Kiwi syrup was extremely thick, which made it difficult to mix the two liquids. Thus, causing inconvenience while drinking.
Well, this isn’t it; as we now proceed to share our experience with mains: 
Indian Main Course dishes
Featured in this picture are all their signature Indian dishes. Roti Basket, Subz Diwani Handi, Murgh Musallam, Paneer Lababdar & Dal Tadka (Clock-wise)
Be it from there Veg or Non Veg dishes, this place has an amazing variety for all. We really loved the quantity and taste of these Indian main course dishes.
Apart from Indian cuisine, we sampled a few International cuisines too..

Penne Barbaresca Pasta
Penne Barbaresca Pasta- Pasta boiled to perfection, and sauted in a creamy sauce. It tasted absolutely fine!
Prawns in Green sauce with Veg Singapore Rice
Prawns in Green Sauce with Veg Singapore Rice- The aromatic Prawns gravy was enough to make us fall in love with it. Neatly presented in a clay pot with lid on, so it remains warm. The Singapore rice was literally like a medley of authentic Singaporean spices. Both together, made a kickass combo and tasted delectable! 
Sizzling Chocolate Brownie
Sizzling Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice cream was served to wind up our meal. Rare are those places, which know how to bake their brownies right! One such among them is Flavors- which serves the most gooey and fudgy brownies. Don’t miss out on it! 
The servers and staff members were extremely polite and friendly. Our hostess, Ms. Mary was an extremely sweet person who helped us make this dining experience pleasurable! Also, Mr. Ravi– the restaurant Manager is one such friendly and coordinating person, who explained us about every new dish and pointed out the signature ones. The service was quick and the entire 3 course meal went on smooth and quick.
Ms. Mary posing for a picture
We liked pretty much everything about this place, and have hardly anything to complain about! So if you’re a resident of Navi Mumbai or on a visit to our city, you just have to stop by this restaurant to experience the best of food in Navi Mumbai! 

How to get there:

The restaurant’s location is very much noticeable as it is clearly visible from Sion-Trombay highway, and just half a kilometre away from Sanpada Railway station. 


Hotel Yogi  Metropolitan, Sector 24, Opposite Sanpada Railway station, Sanpada, Navi Mumbai.  


INR 2,000 for two people (including drinks)

Our overall verdict for ‘Flavors Resto Bar’ is 5/5.