Just Bing’g’e is probably the new talk of the town, and fortunately I was privileged to review their newly opened outlet in Vashi.

A boutique western eatery and take-away, located in the busy lanes of Sector 17, was co-founded by Hardik Patel, Amit Patel and Chef Salil Fadnis, as a true-to-the-tummy venture. The core objective is to bring authentic and exotic western foods to the neighbourhood, which are mostly available in a star restaurant or hotel.

The ambiance is cozy and suitable for all age groups of people. Warm lights, eye-catching café interiors, live music, and appetizing food is all what Just Bing’g’e has got for us!

I was invited for a Blogger’s roundtable meet, and we were served a special menu diligently curated by Chef Aditi Juneja.

To start with, we were first served with light snacks like Nachos and Vol Au Vent with assorted flavors of Iced Teas.

Vol Au Vent

 Vol Au Vent is typically a small hollow case of puff pastry. It was filled with soft chicken fillings and topped with minimal amount of cheese. Crunchy, yet so soft; this dish was a melt-in-mouth experience. However, they serve the same dish with vegetarian fillings too..


Trust me, I’ve tasted Nachos at so many eateries that now I can be a self-proclaimed Nachos critic. 😛
The Nachos were served with a cheesy dip and a walnut & marigold dip.
Well, the tortilla chips served here were more thick rather than crunchy.. They could have been drenched in cream/ cheese sauce for a better tasting experience.

Blue Curacao

Mango Iced Tea

Mint Mojito

A wide range of Coolers, Mojitos and Iced Teas are served here with great taste and refreshing flavors!

Just Bing’g’e serves an unbeatable variety of Salads and Pastas, and I tasted the following ones..


 ‘Broccolicious’ as the name suggests is a salad loaded with large stems of Broccoli and dressed with a creamy coriander sauce. Also the bite sized chunks of apple added a sweetish flavor to the combination.. Recommended for all the diet conscious ones, and those who love vegetarian salads.

Le Pout

 ‘Le Pout’ is their signature salad which is an exotic combination hot French fries, mushrooms, lettuce and topped with three different kinds of sauces.
I totally relished each bite of this salad! The flavor and consistency were well blended and the aromas it exhaled took me into a food coma. 😛
Absolutely recommended, as their signature dish didn’t fail to impress me! 🙂

Eggplant Parmigiana

 Eggplant Parmigiana is a wholesome dish with shallow fried eggplants baked in marinara sauce and dressed with layers of cheese. Eggplant has never tasted so delicious to me, as much as it did in this dish! <3

When Mac met Cheese

 The name, ‘When Mac met Cheese’ seems as cute as the plating skills of this dish. The very common comfort food for most of us, is served here in the form of a cold salad which is dressed in red, green bell peppers and olives in a creamy tomato dressing.

Bing’g’e on Tuna

“Bing’g’e on Tuna” is also one of their signature salad which is made with heaps of tuna shreds, potato, onions and mustard.

Apart from salads, they also serve sandwiches and subs in varied flavors and choices..

New love in Town

 Believe me, this sub cum sandwich could actually be your new love in town! With heaps of cheese and cream oozing out of it, anybody could fall in love with this sandwich. <3
It also contains pineapple, peppers and onions which adds the WOW factor to this dish.

Chicks in Herbs

 This sandwich tastes a lot more delicious because of the mint flavors in it. Soft pieces of Chicken Tikka added so much goodness.. A well balanced, and moderately spiced dish!

Chicken Seekh Wrap

 The Chicken Seekh Wrap was a standout dish amongst all other ones, because of its melt in mouth seekh kebabs and salad fillings. A total stunner!

Melting Sandwich

 Three layers of bread, with dual filling and loaded with cheese. Totally worth it.. The top layer is dressed with cream which gave the sandwich a soft texture.

After so many delicious cuisines, we finally concluded our meal with Chocolate Brownies and Chocolate Cake Jars for dessert.

Chocolate Brownie
Chocolate Cake Jar

The management of this Bistro very well knows how to keep their customers happy, not only with their lip-smacking food but also with exciting offers like this one!
Take a selfie, Check-in at Just Bing’g’e on Facebook. Get 50 likes and grab a French Fries for free! 😀
I altogether had a great experience at Just Bing’g’e and would definitely plan on visiting them again.
The overall rating for Just Bing’g’e is 4 /5.
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Address: Shop No 35, JK Chambers, Sector 17, Vashi.
This review would not have been possible without the help of Pooja Trehan Dhamecha, founder of Nuvo Foodies. Follow their Instagram and Twitter handles @NuvoFoodies for a food trail. 🙂