Just as I entered through the mini garden area of this café, I realised how social media has taken over everyone and everything. A huge Instagram banner has been installed outside the cafe, which is fascinating and has become a constant spot for group pictures. Obviously Snapchat and Facebook logos are mandatorily put up right next to the instagram ones. 😀

On entering the cafe, we were greeted with warm smiles by Mr. Deepak and his team of dedicated staff members. 
The ambience is a complete delight to the eye as the premise is divided into 2 sections viz. Café and Bar.
This place boasts an enormous collection of books stacked neatly in book shelves. They also have an exceptionally well designed bar with graffiti on each wall and is well  lit with warm, rustic lights. 
So basically, this café serves each one’s purpose of visiting; be it a quiet summer evening with your favourite book and coffee, or a chill out session with family/ friends. 
Moving on to the drinks menu, we called for 2 cocktails and an LIT:
Espresso Martini
Espresso Martini is the most refreshing cocktail here made of vodka, coffee liquor and espresso.
A highly recommended drink for all caffeine addicts! 
Nutty Pineapple
Nutty Pineapple is again a Vodka based cocktail. This drink gives you an ultimate kick with its sweetish sour flavours. 
Passionera, a personal favourite LIT here at cafe Mockingbird is definitely a must have drink in these summers.
It is served chilled and will undoubtedly rejuvenate you with its unique ingredients. Passionera can be termed as the perfect summer cocktail as per me!
Being an all day café, their food menu is vast as it ranges from breakfast combos to burgers, hotdogs and stone baked Pizzas..
We began our feast with a few delectable starters as displayed below:
‘Fried potato and cheese with Andalouse sauce
‘Fried potato and cheese with Andalouse sauce’ is one such finely made dish. The potatoes are crisp, cheesy and gooey. Also the andalouse sauce served along with them is a great accompaniment!
Cafreal marinated chicken skewers with Garlic Bread
‘Cafreal marinated chicken skewers with Garlic Bread’ is one such rare combination of spicy chicken skewers topped up on a crispy Garlic bread. The chicken skewers were perfectly cooked and easy to chew. I absolutely relished binging on it!
Spicy Lamb Ball Baguette
The next dish I sampled was a couple of ‘Spicy Lamb Ball Baguettes’ – Minced lamb meat balls placed on baguettes (narrow ended bread). And oh boy! Look at all that cheese! 😀
This dish absolutely recommended. 
Buns with roast chicken and spicy slaw Bao
‘Buns with roast chicken and spicy slaw Bao’ is typically a Bao stuffed with roasted chicken and coleslaw salad. It is moderately spiced and is light to the tummy! 
Lamb Kheema dog dressed with Mustard Barbeque Mayo
‘Lamb Kheema dog dressed with Mustard Barbeque Mayo’ – This dish arrived at our table just when I was swiping through my phone’s screen, reading an article based on diet tips and weight loss from a renowned magazine. 
“Screw this!”, I said to myself as I sat there gazing at the Hotdog. 
I swear, this dish tasted as good as it looked! The chef has done full justice to the dish, as each and every ingredient has been rightly cooked. It was neither to dry nor too soggy, as the Barbeque Mayo dressing was added with drop dead perfection! 
Being a glutton for Pizzas, I can never resist one if it’s mentioned in restaurant menus! And to add more excitement to my Pizza craving, these good folks at Mockingbird Café serve stone baked Pizzas. 
Pepperoni with fresh Figs and Bocconcini Pizza
We decided to taste a ‘Pepperoni with fresh Figs and Bocconcini’ Pizza which was flooded with Pepperoni and slices of fresh Figs. The taste of figs along with meat blended so well, as the flavours sunk in with cheese which formed a major part of the Pizza. 
Flower Pot Tiramisu
That’s how we concluded our meal with a fresh serving of ‘Flower Pot Tiramisu’ for dessert. 
I absolutely loved it’s smooth texture and delicious flavors. Also, full marks for presentation! 
Mockingbird Café Bar is a new addition on the block along the famous vicinity of Marine Drive.
This place is a delight for all foodies and bibliophiles!
My overall verdict for Mockingbird Café Bar is 4.5/5.
Overview – 
Cost: 1700 for 2 people (as per Zomato)
Food: Excellent. 
What to Order: Passionera for Cocktails. Spicy Lamb Ball Baguettes, Lamb Kheema dog dressed with Mustard Barbeque Mayo, their signature wood baked Pizzas. 
Ambience: Warm, comfortable and well lit. 

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