Nestled in the Kamala Mills compound, PDT is one of the most happening places in South Bombay.
What makes this place awesome is it’s beautiful vibe, rustic yet eye-pleasing decor, and an attractive entrance. Speaking of which, there’s a bright, red in color telephone booth placed at the entrance. One has to step inside the booth as the phone rings, you answer and someone from across speaks. That’s how they let you in. We found this concept legit awesome! 
We began with a round of cocktails which were labelled as below-
Esoterica: Vodka based cocktail infused in Sambuca with a punch of Orange & Cranberry juice. It’s somewhat similar to ‘Sex On The Beach’, but more stronger and tastes bitter-sweet.
P.D.T. Old Fashioned
P.D.T Old Fashioned: This one’s typically a concoction of Whiskey and Orange juice. It is very strong, flavorful and certainly not for the faint hearted.
As we digged in the food menu, which is undoubtedly a vast one.. We noticed a large variety of cuisines ranging from Italian, European, and even North Indian.
Prawn Star
Prawn Star: For those who love Bacon, this appetizer would most definitely leave your mind blown! Prawns wrapped in bacon and served on sticks. We loved the smokey flavor and tender textures. Highly recommended by Team The Hungry Cancerian! 
Street Secret
Street Secret: Mini Vada Pavs arranged in a large tray with pudina Chutney, gunpowder and green chillies. One simply cannot miss these on their visit to PDT, firstly for it’s fabulous presentation and the mild, garlicky taste of vadapav.
Shroom with a View
Shroom with a View: This appetizer was definitely the highlight of our meal. Sponge-like soft of open sandwiches stacked one above the other, made with rosemary & rocksalt focaccia topped with cheese & mushroom and drizzled with Balsamic reduction. The creamy toppings and crispy yet flavorful bread was indeed a treat to our tastebuds. Recommended!
Party Girl
Party Girl: Macaroni tossed in Carbonara sauce with Prawns. This Pasta looks just like your regular Mac and Cheese, but differs in terms of taste. Satisfactory, yet nothing very special about it.. 
French 75
French 75: An amazing concoction of Gin, Sparkling Wine & Lime juice. 
This drink is a treat for all wine aficionados out there for it’s potent and excellent flavours!
Puzzle Guzzle
Puzzle Guzzle: Vodka with homemade ginger syrup, mint springs with a dash of lime & grape fruit. This cocktail was pretty refreshing and chilled.
Tipsy Fish & Chips
Tipsy Fish and Chips: Beer battered fish served with fries and tartar dip. The fries were perfectly crisp and light, somehow the fish preparation let us down due to its extremely oily coating.
Dark Chocolate Cake
For desserts, we weren’t left with much option. So we picked on to the old classic- Dark Chocolate Cake. We loved it for it’s Gooey & layery texture, and would certainly recommend everyone to try!
Our overall experience at PDT was enchanting! We’re surely coming back for more.

‘The Hungry Cancerian’ Verdict:

The Hungry Cancerian verdict for ‘PDT- Please Don’t Tell’ is 4/5