They say, “Work hard, party harder!” So our team was here at Rumours Lounge, Powai last Friday to kickstart our weekend vibe!

Located bang opposite to the Powai Lake, this lounge has been a talk of the town since quite a long time. One can choose from various options like having a chilled beer with friends, or enjoy a lavish, romantic date on the lounge’s roof top seating section. The indoor ambience is gloomy and sets the perfect mood for a party. Whereas, the rooftop section is bright and breezy with fancy yet minimal interior d├ęcor.

Rumours has a vast food menu and serves cuisines like Chinese, Continental and North Indian. We were quite impressed with the drinks menu as well, as it consists of various cocktail and mocktail options available for every taste preference.

Vegetable Lettuce Wrap

We started off with a Vegetarian starter which was fit for the diet conscious ones.
Vegetable Lettuce Wrap– is a fusion of fun food with Asian ingredients which consisted of all sorts of vegetables like spring onions, babycorn, corn, etc. topped on fresh lettuce leaves and drizzled with fried noodles.

Yellow Bean Chicken

Yellow Bean Chicken – One of the most mouthwatering dish available at this lounge, is made with tender chicken peices sauted in Chinese sauces and chestnuts. The texture was moist and tasted absolutely delicious!

Potato Corn Rosti

Potato Corn Rosti – is basically a flat patty, delicately made of mashed potatoes and corn. Due to mild spices, these flavours gave a Indo-Swiss blend to the dish.

Grilled Fish

Grilled Fish – This ridiculously delicious grilled fish is yet another starter and a speciality at the lounge. This fish peices are thinly sliced and then grilled to perfection. Also its flavours blended quite well and the quantitiy seemed satisfactory!

Chicken Tequila Rice

Chicken Tequila Rice – This dish was a highlight of the tasting session and I can’t describe in words about how well it tasted. When it comes to mains, this dish is a no-brainer and would match every individual’s taste preference. Also, full marks for presentation.

Apart from all the good food, we were privileged to test a few cocktails as well.
So here goes the list:

Black Scotman
Black Scotman– A whisky based drink mixed with Kahlua and coke to create the perfect ‘Black Scotman’!
  • Drink intensity: Mild.

High Voltage
High Voltage – Vodka base infused with a large bulb of cranberry breezer, the kind of drink to sip throughout your meal. Needless to say how well Vodka and cranberry pair together, yet the presentation is what stole the show!
  • Drink intensity: Strong

Salty Bitch
Salty Bitch – A kickass combination of Rum, Black Currant & Grape juice. This drink would sure make you smack your lips for its sweet-tangy flavours. Highly recommended for all Rum addicts!
  • Drink intensity: Mild

B-69 Shots
B-69 shots – Kahlua, Baileys and Dark rum- the most rocking combination. These shots taste similar to an espresso shot and give a warm, fuzzy feeling once gulped down quickly.
  • Drink intensity: Strong

Kamikaze – This is the most preferred shot, as it tastes wonderful without getting you high easily. The combination it contains is- Vodka, Blue Curacao, and lime juice.
  • Drink intensity: Moderately strong.

We didn’t have anything specific for desserts as such, but were made to try fusion flavored Gola which is an addition to their summer menu.

Mango-Strawberry Gola

This Mango Gola was nothing unique, but the concept of immersing it with Strawberry syrup seemed interesting and fancy. The above mentioned duo tasted pretty well, and would indeed help kick away the Monday blues. This also is a good option for non-alcohol drinkers.

All in all, I had a great time at Rumours Lounge and it is probably one of the best pubs in the city. It was top notch in terms of freshness and quickness in service. Although the proximity becomes a major issue for those using public transport. But nevertheless, this lounge is a promising place and values it’s customers very efficiently.
VFM – Considering the location and quality of food & drinks, the prices are fixed appropriately. A meal for 2 should range somewhere around 2,000 INR approx.
My overall verdict for ‘Rumours Lounge, Powai’ is 4.5/5.
With such great food, drinks and warm hospitality; alongwith such a dynamic view of the Powai Lake, we concluded our Friday night shenanigans.