Cuisines- North Indian, Asian.
Restaurant type- Fine Dine & Casual Dining
Time- 12 noon to 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.
Cost- INR 2000 for 2 people (approx)
Must haves- Kulhad Ke Kebab, Dum Kebabs, and Singh Saab Di Dal Bukhara.
Address- Ground Floor, Swami Jayaramdas Shopping Complex, Near Basant Park, RC Marg, Chembur East, Mumbai.


Amidst the busy lanes of Chembur lies an exquisite fine dine, tucked away in a shady spot near Basant Garden (opposite Status Restaurant). We are talking about none other than Singh Saab, which is one of the oldest restaurants in the area. To cope up with the recent dining trends, the restaurant went through a major transformation for its ambience and menu and is now back with a bang!


Indoor AC Seating area
The ambience is that of a typical fine dine with wood finished furnishings and wood-carved partitions. There’s an entire wall covered with mirror that makes the restaurant appear bigger than it is. The seating arrangement is a bit cramped, as the premise is divided into 3 sections viz. the regular Fine Dine, Private Dining which is separated with a sound-proof glass partition; and an outdoor seating area which is more inclined towards serving the purpose of a casual dining experience.
Outdoor seating
The place is otherwise brightly lit and upbeat with foot-tapping Punjabi songs running in the background!

Food & Beverage:

Haven said that the menu has been revamped, we were here to specifically try dishes from the new menu. In this era, while most restaurants look forward to introduce global cuisines, Singh Saab’s vision to cling onto the roots of Punjab is very impressive and promising!
Apart from the traditional North Indian cuisine, the restaurant also serves Asian food.
Pomegranate based mocktail
We started off with a Cocktail & Mocktail each to quench our thirst.
Desi Tharra
Desi Tharra- Obviously a Cocktail which consists Beer and a few other spirits like Whiskey & Brandy. Although the taste of Beer was more prominent than anything else, we ain’t complaining unless there’s some Beer guzzling happening!
Watermelon Mojito
Watermelon Mojito- A sweet and sublime Mocktail made of Watermelon essence. This is simply the perfect drink to beat the heat, and was quite refreshing!
Kulhad Ke Kebab
For starters, we were recommended to try ‘Kulhad Ke Kebab’ which come in an assortment of 3 pieces. Fleshy Chicken leg pieces coated in a rich marinade of garam masalas and garnished with a thick cheesy layer inside mini clay pots. These kebabs were something out of the world, leaving a heavenly after taste. Although this starter was exceptionally delicious, we feel that the pricing factor for it was slightly high (₹ 325 for 3 pcs).
Paprika Chicken
Paprika Chicken was another starter from the Asian variants, and it’s taste was quite good. The chicken was tender, and gave a cooked-to-perfection kind of impression. We liked it more due to it’s garlicky taste and perfect balance of sauces.
Dum Kebab
Just as we finished the rounds, a piping hot pot (patila) made of brass arrived on our table. It’s mouth covered with wet wheat flour and smoke surrounded by it.
The pot contained a savoury North Indian starter- ‘Dum Kebabs’.
Tender and luscious boneless chicken pieces which seemed so inviting and sure did entice our tastebuds!
From the Seafood section, we tried Mint Olive Basa and Lasooni Prawns.
Mint & Olive Basa
The Mint Olive Basa undoubtedly was well cooked, exactly how the fish should be. But somehow the combination didn’t really go well with Olives.
Lasooni Prawns
Lasooni Prawns seemed way too pungent and the salt portion was a bit in excess. But the quality of Prawns was uncompromised and it was tenderly cooked.
Finally moving onto main course, we were literally spoilt for choice due to the restaurant’s vast menu. So our host recommended us to try the following:
Singh Saab Di Daal Bukhara- This is one of the signature dishes created by the Chefs at Singh Saab. A concept similar to that of Dal Makhani, except this Dal was cooked with only Urad Dal. Slow cooked, tender and creamy textures made us fall in love with this Dal. Pair it with some buttered Laccha Parathas and you’re sure to enjoy a good meal. A must try for sure and absolutely recommended by our team!
Tawa Mutton Angaara
Tawa Mutton Angaara- Absolutely amazing flavours of Mutton blended with Masalas made in-house. A thick gravy which can be enjoyed with rotis or parathas. The quantity is more than sufficient for 3 people.
Murg Dum Biryani
Murg Dum Biryani- The typical tri-color Chicken Biryani with flavor-packed Biryani masalas, not only tasted juicy but also appealing to the eye. We wouldn’t mind expressing that this was one of the most delicious Biryani we’ve tasted across Mumbai.
Sizzling Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream
We gorged onto some Sizzling Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream to end our meal. The chocolate syrup is an in-house preparation and tastes best when warm.

Service & Hospitality:

All in all, our experience at Singh Saab was spectacular. We loved how well the authenticity in flavors was preserved. The hospitality was top-notch and the staff here treats their customers with utmost respect. Also, the service time wasn’t too sluggish and the attendant made sure our glass of water never remained empty.

Overall Verdict:

With such amazing food and dessert pampering, this place deserves a second visit.
Hence, the overall verdict for ‘Singh Saab’ is 4.5/5