Cuisines- North Indian, Italian & Mexican.
Restaurant type- Pub & Casual Dining
Time- 12 noon to 1 a.m.
Cost- INR 1300 for 2 people (approx.)
Must haves- Chicken Fajita, Teriyaki Chicken Burger & Lemon Thyme Chicken.
Address- 3rd Floor, Link Square Mall, Linking Road, Bandra West Above Global Fusion, Linking Road.
TAP is located amidst the lively streets of Linking Road, inside Link Square Mall.
We happened to visit this outlet on a Monday afternoon. To our surprise, the entire premise was full house even during those hours! And why shouldn’t it be?
The ambience is the most comforting one, that gives it a lounge like vibe. There’s amazing music going on loud volumes that makes one literally groove on it. They also have a pretty decent variety of cocktails & mocktails in the house, and food that’s included in the menu to pair well with drinks.
Mai Tai
We ordered for Mai Tai, an ombre shaded cocktail blended with White Rum, Dark Rum, Orange & Pineapple juice. The drink had a typical sweetish-sour taste and was made strong.
Black Russian
Black Russian cocktail is a fusion of Kahlua & Vodka, pretty neat and not recommended for the faint hearted ones.
Chicken Fajita
For starters we opted for Chicken Fajita. Delicious tortilla Rolls with juicy Mexican filling. This is one of their signature starters, and probably the best! We loved it.
Lemon Thyme Chicken
The next best thing we tried was Lemon Thyme Chicken which was made of succulent chicken pieces marinated in olive oil, thyme, lime & crushed garlic; then roasted on hot coal. It is served with a delicious bell pepper dip, which is not to be missed at all!
Moving onto mains now, we noticed that TAP’s menu is simply vast and serves almost all kinds of comfort dishes that gel well with drinks.
Pasta being one of our favorites, we opted for Oven Baked Lasagna. Various vegetables cooked in a tomato concasse base and baked to perfection. It was quite creamy and moist, however the plating could have been done better! 
Teriyaki Chicken Burger
The resto-bar also serves Burgers that limit to only 4 varieties, but are not to be missed! 
We tasted Teriyaki Chicken Burger. Juicy chicken patty filled with tomatoes, lettuce and teriyaki sauce; served along with a salad dressing and fries. Indeed a good burger which was filling and sufficient for one person. We are definitely recommending this one!
Chicken Tikka Pizza
Lastly, we were recommended by their staff to try Chicken Tikka Pizza. To our dismay, we didn’t find it quite satisfying since the base wasn’t juicy enough and seemed too dry to chew. We reported our concern to the Chef, and the gentleman immediately took the matter into consideration by serving us a better version of the Pizza.
We were highly impressed by the hospitality and other overall aspects.
There’s also a huge smoking area on their open air roof top, that sets the perfect mood to chill with large peer groups.
The entire restaurant turns into a pub during evenings, with flashy-dim lights and live sports screening all day!
We found TAP to be one of the most uber cool places in Mumbai, and we are definitely visiting again!
The overall verdict for TAP Resto Bar, Bandra is 4/5.