With raging food trends across Navi Mumbai, we now have a brand new Family Restaurant & Bar at Satra Plaza. 
Young Chilli‘ is located on the ground floor of the very spacious Satra Plaza. The restaurant being a month old, is the newest baby on the block and a brain-child of ex-restaurateurs of The Oriental Hub.
Just like how one expects a family restaurant to be, Young Chilli is a notch above that. Brightly lit ambience, spacious seating arrangement and a beautiful bar section that lights up the premise.
They also have large projectors for live match screenings. So walk in with your family or friends, this place is sure to entertain all sorts of age groups! 
Coming to the food menu, it is as vast as 27 pages that is multi-cuisine and caters to all taste preferences. Cuisines ranging from Continental to Asian, Italian & North Indian are served here.. 
Young Chilli Kiwi Margarita
 We began with Mocktails viz. Young Chilli Kiwi Margarita & Green Apple respectively. 
Both being fruit-based mocktails were exceptionally refreshing, chilled and sweet. Full marks for the former drink’s presentation! 
Green Apple
For starters, we were spoilt for choice- as the variety was never ending. We were recommended by their management to try the Japanese cuisine, so we ended up calling for Sushi.
Asparagus Tempura Rolls
Asparagus Tempura Rolls– Sushi rolled up with cucumber, Asparagus & Cream cheese which indeed was a tasty affair. 
Prawns Tempura Rolls (L) & Salmon Avocado Rolls (R)
Prawns Tempura Rolls & Salmon Avocado Rolls – These lovely platters of Sushi that we had were so good, that each bite was like a party in our mouth! Crunchy, salty yet sour, and the rice stuck perfectly on to Nori sheets.
We’d certainly recommend everyone to try the Sushis here! 
Non Veg Dim Sum Basket
To further satiate our Asian food cravings, we moved on to sample Dimsums. To get a taste of most varieties of Dimsums, we ordered for Non Veg Dimsum Basket which consisted of 12 peices and 4 varieties of Dimsums, namely- Peking Pouched Chicken Dumplings, Chicken & Basil dumpling, Spicy chicken & celery dumplings and Prawns Sui Mai. 
This platter tasted as great as it looked. The steamed dumplings were served warm & fresh with a magical aroma.
Aromatic Garlic Chicken
The next thing that we loved was Aromatic Garlic Chicken which is crisp, marinated chicken wok tossed in garlic and dried chilli.
Barbecue Chicken Wings
Barbecue Chicken Wings– Classic Chicken Wings marinated and cooked in an in-house BBQ sauce. The sauce was excellent with smokey flavors.
Paneer Chilly Dry
Paneer Chilli Dry– This is probably the best option for Vegetarians for its delicious and melt-in-mouth Paneer textures.
Veg Burmese Khow Suey
For Main Course, we tried Veg Burmese Khow Suey
Traditional Khow Suey cooked in Coconut milk, delicately spiced and served along with an array of various contrasting condiments.
The taste & texture of the broth was superb and tastes best with Chilli Oil. 
Young Chilli Special Pizza
 And to wrap up with mains, we opted for Young Chilli Special Pizza. This Pizza is somewhat similar to half and half concept with mixed toppings of BBQ chicken and Chicken Chilly. The crust was crisp and perfect, but the variations in toppings sadly didn’t match our palates.
We concluded our meal with an array of desserts that we’ve eaten like never before..
Chocolate Rolls
Chocolate Rolls– Chocolate Brownie crumbs wrapped in spring rolls sheets, shallow fried and topped with Hershey’s chocolate syrup. We loved the idea behind this dessert, but these rolls could’ve been a little more moist and gooey.
Tub Tim Grob
Tub Tim Grob– The most famous Thai dessert, which is made of cubes of water chestnuts coated in a red colored syrup. This coconut milk based dessert at Young Chilli was so refreshing and delicious. This one’s absolutely recommended by Team The Hungry Cancerian! 
Our overall experience at Young Chilli was outstanding! The prices are comparatively reasonable and the ambience is nicely done. Young Chilli seems a promising place, and suitable for family/friends’ get-togethers, large groups & kids friendly.
The Hungry Cancerian verdict for Young Chilli is 4.5/5.