Mumbai, being a metropolitan has well established Pan Asian restaurants and fine dines. But a recent concept of woks served in boxes has got a whopping response for being compact, quick, and pocket friendly.

On the similar grounds, Wok 123 is a QSR (quick service restaurant) which serves decent Chinese and Asian food. This place took me by surprise as it is very reasonably priced and serves good quantity.

Wok 123 specialises in custom made woks, where one can choose the ingredients of their preference.
All you’ve got to do is:
1. Select a base ingredient – rice/ noodles.
2. Pick your favourite addition – Chicken/ prawns/ tofu etc.
3. Add any sauce out of 13 variety of authentic sauces.
4. Sit back and watch your wok being made! 🙂 

I customised 2 woks- one with Rice, prawns, and teriyaki sauce.

The Japanese teriyaki sauce was sweet, thick and nice which added so much flavor to the rice and vegetables. This wok is mildly spicy, which undoubtedly was the best to taste. 
The next wok again had rice as it’s base ingredient with chicken and Thai curry sauce. This wok had a moist texture and tasted slightly blunt due to minimal flavors of the Thai curry. But the the chicken pieces were tender, and yet made the dish delicious. 
The next thing to try was the Chef’s special noodle wok. This was loaded with wheat flat noodles, chicken breast chunks, chicken salami, mushroom, and a combination of schezwan and hoisin sauce.
The Chef’s special definitely did not disappoint! I loved the texture of these noodles, neither too dry nor too moist. The flavors of both sauces made a terrific combination to create a spicy palate.
Apart from Woks, you also get a kickass variety of French fries and filling appetizers. Read further to know more about it!
Five Spice Fries
Five Spice Fries are french fries with a desi twist of 5 combinations of Indian spices. These fries are absolutely recommended for its spicy and tangy flavors. 
Satay Chicken
‘Satay chicken’ – boneless chicken appetizer on skewers sautéd in various Chinese sauces and garnished with spring onions and sesame seeds. It is sweet, spicy and definitely a treat for your taste buds! 
Being a QSR, Wok 123 has a small seating area with comfy tables and chairs. The food here is amazing to taste, but the rice used could be of improvised quality. Apart from this, this joint is a value for money and should seem perfect for a quick meal / takeaway. 
My overall verdict for Wok 123 is 4/5.

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