Post work completion whilst looking for a decent place to eat, I spotted this eatery joint which unveiled an ambrosial aroma of Asian cuisine.
‘Wok In The Box’ is one such amazing place for a quick meal and is super friendly to your wallets.

Along with such reasonable prices, one also gets full liberty to customise the wok with desired veggies and sauces. Fair deal, isn’t it? 🙂

All you’ve got to do is:
1. Pick a bowl full of your choice of vegetables.
2. Hand it over to the person on the counter.
3. Select your favourite sauces and toppings.
4. Sit back and watch your wok being made! 🙂

Similarly I customised 2 woks, one of Rice and Noodles each.
Box 1: Chicken has always been a first choice, so this one was Chicken  Hakka Noodles with vegetables like cabbage, bell peppers, baby corn, mushroom, spring onions, broccoli and carrots. These veggies were sautéd in 3 different types of sauces viz. Hunnan, Kung Pao, and Sichuan. Then garnished with roasted garlic and peanuts.
 This box of noodles indeed tasted delicious. The sauces mixed well with the vegetables and chicken pieces, which made it moderately spiced.

Box 2: This one nearly had the same variety of vegetables sautéd in the wok, but was a spicier one.
I chose for wok’s fiery sauce, tibetan’s hot sauce, Kung Pao, and sweet chilli sauce. Also the protein element was prawns and rice as carbs.
The fiery sauces added so much flavor and aroma to the dish. Totally unique and appetizing!
Chicken Momos
Along with the mains, I also sampled on a few Chicken Momos. They were steamed and served hot with a Schezwan dip.
Besides the price and quality of food, the quantity in each box is very large and is more than sufficient for one person to eat.
My overall verdict for ‘Wok In The Box’ is 4/5.


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