Event: XXXL Menu- The Bigger, The Better!!
Date: 22nd September to 30th November.
Cuisines: Continental, Thai, Italian, Mexican & Mediterranean.
Restaurant type: Cafe, Bar & Casual Dining
Time: 12:30 p.m. to 1 a.m.
Cost: INR 1500 for 2 people (approx.), if considered prices of XL menu.
People come in various shapes & sizes; and so does their appetite. Taking that into consideration, a suburb based Cafè launched it’s menu 2 months ago which is one of a kind. The menu has been segregated into 3 sizes- XL, XXL & XXXL; where they serve quantity as per your appetite in generous amounts. And if you’re dropping by in a larger group, that’s all the more better because Sharing is Caring and that’s what encouraged this Cafè to come up with this unusual yet fun menu. We’re writing about none other but LIGHT HOUSE CAFE!
We planned a visit to the Khar outlet, which is strategically placed just 5 minutes away from Khar Railway Station. The ambience is that of minimal white washed walls,  quirky light bulbs, elegant woodprinted tables with an ideal collection of music that goes well with the Cafè’s  vibe. Also, the bar shelves are stacked with antiques and beautiful show pieces which were indeed a treat to the eye!
The XXXL Festival menu consists of fusion Cocktails, Sliders, Pizzas and a variety of Desserts that you can’t miss! To clarify things further, the XL menu for Sliders comes in 9 pieces and 12 & 16 for XXL & XXXL respectively.
Same goes with Pizzas as they range from 10, 14 and 16 inches for XL, XXL & XXXL respectively.
MH44 Kokam Mojito
We started off with MH44 Kokam Mojito which is served in a 2 litre bucket. This Kokum Mojito is a refreshing mix of lemon, mint, kokum syrup and Carta Blanca Rum. A perfect cocktail to sip on a sunny afternoon for its refreshing taste and mindblowing quantity. Have it directly from the bucket or pour over to your glass, there’s a guzzle for everyone!
We sampled all Sliders from the Festival Menu, and our recommendations for the same are-

XXL Sliders
Samosa Pav: In- house mini samosas mashed between bread that is made in-house. Flavor packed with Kachumber, spicy mint Chutney, a hint of ketchup and grated cheese. Comfort food at it’s best!
Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai: Batter fried Paneer, wok tossed with some veggies and served with Sriracha sauce. This slider is a burst of flavors, for it’s sweet and tangy taste. We loved how tender the Paneer was. Definitely try this!
Texas Cowboy: Hot barbeque sauce, gherkins, grilled potato sticks, and cheddar made this slider obviously very crowded and messy, yet giving it an amazing taste of barbequed chicken.
Aatanki: Here’s to another favorite loaded with shammi kebabs, fried eggs, hot sauce, onion slaw cabbage and mayonnaise. Creamy, filling yet very light with well-balanced elements for the extra flavor!
I Love Pepperoni: For those who love Pepperoni, you have to try this slider! Stuffed with traditional Italian Pepperoni, scrambled egg, Cheddar and hot sauce.
21 Inch Pizza
As shown in the picture above, this entire Pizza measures 21 inches in length for sampling purposes.
Our favorite picks from the Pizza menu is-
Buffalo Mozzarella Margherita: Classic Margherita pizza topped with buffallo cheese, tomato sauce and basil leaves. Tasted the best, which goes without saying!
I Need Some Veggies: For those who like their Pizzas with extra toppings, shouldn’t miss this! Classic Verdure Pizza with roasted vegetables and Mozzarella.
Paneer Bhurjiwala: Paneer Bhurjiwala is certainly the one with an Indian touch! Spicy Paneer Bhurji  with some Kachumber, Lasuni Chutney and Cheese. This combination was simply perfect and we loved it the most! The pizza is absolutely loaded which is why it is very filling.
Let’s Have Salami: Salami being our favorite ingredient, really made us drool over this slice! The crust covered with roasted cherry tomato based sauce, layered with Chicken Salami, topped with Buffalo Mozzarella, arugula leaves and chilly oil. Absolutely recommended!
Please Add Some Seafood: Sure not most of us would like it, but this Pizza is a delight for all seafood lovers out there! Literally “loaded” with shrimps, calamari and fish soaked in white wine butter. Delicious, spicy and a unique combination which we personally loved! 
Moving onto the last course of our meal, which is our most favorite for obvious reasons i.e. DESSERTS! LHC is quite famous for it’s mouth watering and sinful desserts.
The XXXL Menu limits to 3 rad dessert options, out of which we tried “Rolled Up For Tripping“.
Rolled Up For Tripping

This decadent chocolate cake we had is absolutely worth your cheat day dessert! The cake is indeed very gooey, layered with oodles of chocolate, and topped with dryfruits & chocolate shavings. 

This is probably the best chocolate cake we’ve had since a long time and are definitely recommending everyone!

The one shown in the picture is size XL. It is also available in XXL & XXXL sizes.
Our entire experience at Light House Cafe was joyful and a memorable one. The staff were very courteous and they made sure to look after each intricate detail of the restaurant. Considering all the aspects viz. F&B, Service, Ambience and Location; Light House Cafe is surely one of our “Go-To” places around the city! 

The Hungry Cancerian’s verdict for Light House Cafe, Khar is 4/5.