Just when all other Pizza joints of Navi Mumbai seemed to get boring, Box8 launched its very own menu of mouthwatering Pizzas. 
Yes, we Navi Mumbaikars now have a new pizza place which delivers piping hot pizza right at your doorstep!
I recently sampled a few of their Pizzas and I must say that Box8 did win my heart!
The menu includes 10 varieties of Pizzas, each in Veg & Non Veg section. Not only that, you can also customise your pizza with various toppings and select your own choice of crust. Easy? Pretty much!
I tried the following Pizzas- Chicken Houseful, Secret Agent, Fire House Pizza, and a Crowded House Pizza.
Crowded House
Crowded House Pizza is a fusion of various toppings like Paneer, mushrooms, olives, jalapenos, capsicum and corn. Purely a vegetarian pizza which I personally loved because of its heavy cheese content. 
Chicken Houseful
My next favorite is Chicken houseful pizza. Now this one was a cheesy blast crust, and one can literally see the cheese dripping from the pizza. Loaded with chunks of chicken kebab, roast chicken and chicken tikka this pizza has an apt name. 
P.S. Meat lovers, this one is absolutely recommended for you!
Fire House
Fire House Pizza is slightly more fiery, since the toppings include spicy chicken and jalapenos. Although the babycorn makes the dish quite balanced and optimally spiced.
The Secret Agent
The secret agent has relatively similar toppings as on the chicken houseful. This one was delicious and filling.
Box8 has never compromised on quantity. Each pizza was very sufficiently loaded with toppings and cheese. 
With such reasonable prices and compact packing, one cannot ask for more! 🙂
Garlic Breadsticks
Also try their Garlic bread sticks which are crisp and garlicky, coated with butter which melts in the mouth. 
A medium pizza with garlic bread is more than a sufficient meal for two. 
My overall verdict for Box8 is 4.5/5

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