Happy weekend everyone! 🙂 It’s a Sunday today, so I decided to skip my usual homemade meal and try out food from Box8‘s menu. The menu being so extensive, has an amazing variety of dishes which include Salads, Sandwiches,Wraps, All in one Meals, Biryanis, Desserts, and so on..

I ordered from their Koparkhairane outlet, and all this was delivered within an hour at my residence, which is 10 kms. away. I am totally flattered with the prompt delivery service which these guys provide. This kind of format and service is the need of the hour and Box8 is fulfilling it perfectly.

I tried almost each dish from their menu, which you’ll be seeing below. 🙂

Today’s lunch from Box8

 I had a craving for salad since long, so I settled to order for a Paneer Tossed Salad..

Paneer Tossed Salad

Assorted with sweet and tangy flavors, this Salad was a treat to my taste buds. How great it tasted with tons of corn and paneer pieces in it. The ingredients are sautéed in an Indian style dressing, which makes it more interesting! 

Royal Feast Sandwich

 This sandwich was loaded with mayonnaise, which made it so creamy and soft. So soft, that it melts in the mouth.. Veggies like mushrooms, baby corn, jalapenos and olives made it taste so much more better. A must try! 😀

Tandoori Mix Wrap

 The next dish I binged on to was Tandoori Mix Wrap. It was spicy! Yes, spicy and oh-so-good!! It’s taste took me to some another land. The fillings inside are prepared in a smoky sauce with jalapenos, baby corn, mushrooms and olives


Shahi Paneer Biryani

The next thing I tasted was Shahi Paneer Biryani. The aromas of this Biryani left me totally spellbound as I opened the box. With loads of tender, marinaded Paneer peices and its delectable flavors, this dish was indeed ‘Shahi’. 🙂

Dal Makhani

Whole Wheat Tawa Paratha with chutney and salad

 I love Dal Makhani a lot, and have tasted it at many restaurants.. So the dal is moderately spiced, and gives more of a buttery taste. Although on a personal note, I feel it could’ve been better!
This one is a lovely combination of Tawa Parathas and Dal Makhani. Both tasted so good when eaten together.  

Veg Extravaganza Meal with Rice

 Then came the all in one meal.. Absolutely loved this concept, as it’s indeed a value for money. I tried the Veg Extravaganza Meal which was loaded with so many chunks of Paneer, Mushrooms, Babycorn, and Olives. Below this, there was rice mixed with Makhni Curry. Slightly tangy in taste. But more than sufficient for one person to eat.

Masala Lemonade (L) and Iced Tea (R)

 Apart from the food, I also ordered for drinks. The Masala Lemonade was very refreshing and the Iced Tea was sweet and sugary. Also, those bottles couldn’t be any more quirkier, right? 😀

Chocolate Mousse

And lastly, I had Chocolate Mousse for desserts. Trust me it was so creamy, soft and luscious that it made me want for more. <3

 Box8 is an example of sheer innovation. The dishes are delicious and precise. The packing is also very compact and fresh. And above all, it’s a deal worth value for money!

 Apart from their official website, you can also follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The overall rating for Box8 would be 8/10.

This review would not have been possible without the help of  Mr. Joy Bhatacharjee and team Box8. 🙂   Also a special thanks to Swarali Kulkarni of Mumbai Food Junkie for the help. 🙂