The gorgeous St. Regis launched a new resto-bar on it’s 37th floor about a month ago, replacing the old Li Bai with Luna Nudo Gusta. They’ve done an amazing job on Luna which makes the place look terrific and lively!

Luna‘- In Roman mythology, which literally means the Moon Goddess; simply defines sheer elegance & beauty of this place!
The property is divided into two sections, namely- Luna Nudo & Luna Gusta.
Luna Nudo flaunts a lounge like ambience with dim lights and a view from the 37th floor depicting South Bombay’s glittery lights and a breathtaking sight of the Moon itself! 
Whereas Luna Gusta subtly showcases the other aspect of the premise, with chandeliers glinting through the ceiling and a vibe that would pacify each soul. Thankfully, we had our equal shares of spending time at both the places.
As we entered, we were greeted by the staff at Luna Nudo as they showed us our table right next to the glass window. While all the meet & greet kept happening, the lady-bartender who does some kickass mixology at the bar came up to us with our welcome drink namely- Silver Lining
Silver Lining
This cocktail is made of cucumber & lime infused Ciroc vodka, thyme and sour mix. The drink being classified under “Luna Legends”, is truly a legendary drink and indeed very refreshing. Absolutely recommended by The Hungry Cancerian!
Coming on the food menu, the restaurant not only limits it’s menu to a particular cuisine but has spread it’s expertise in Japanese, European, Chinese, Finger foods & Indian with modernized cooking trends.
Matzo Chicken Pizza
We tried a couple of dishes, and would certainly recommend the following- Chicken Sule Kebabs, Matzo Pizza, Mixed Fried Dimsums & Okonomiyaki. 
Mixed Fried Dimsums
Assorted Breads with Olive & Garlic Dips
Chicken Sule Kebabs
If you’re a sucker for trying new things, then Okonomiyaki is one such Japanese savoury pancake that most restaurants in Mumbai do not offer in their menu.

The evening became livelier with more amazing cocktails and Karaoke.
Luna Mary

Harvest of the Moon
We also tried cocktails such as Luna Mary, Harvest of the Moon, Orb of Night & Margarita Delicioso.
Orb of the Night
Margarita Delicioso

To begin with our rounds of main course, we were recommended by the staff to try Lamb Chops and Mamma Gusta’s Chicken that were served upstairs at Luna Gusta.
Lamb Chops
The Lamb Chops seemed delicious and nicely plated, yet were slightly undercooked. On the other hand, Mamma Gusta’s Chicken is a very good option for mains as it’s tender & juicy flavors are such a treat to the tastebuds. 
Mamma Gusta’s Chicken

Needless to say, our entire meal experience just didn’t end here.. As the Chef had a larger surprise for us coming in. 
Gusta’s Cake for Two
 Here’s presenting ‘Gusta’s Cake for Two‘- a completely new and latest trend of live dessert-making concept on our tables, which indeed kept us indulged in the process! The cake served along with chocolate mousse, edible flowers, chocolate chips was indeed very fudgy. Each and every flavor was quite evident to our palates.
We really enjoyed our time at Luna Nudo Gusta, as it was not just about the food; but an entirely luxurious hospitality encounter we came across. 

The Hungry Cancerian verdict:

The overall rating for ‘Luna Nudo Gusta’ is 5/ 5.