Ever felt like randomly disappearing to a place somewhere calm and quiet? Or just a temporary Nirvana with good food and dessert pampering?
Let me get you acquainted with Mibonasa, which by the end of this review would be like your second home (probably)! 
Mibonasa is a south east Asian restaurant serving mouthgasmic cuisines along with a fine dine experience. This lovely restaurant is located off Palm Beach Road of Navi Mumbai, and is extremely facile to spot!
The entrance itself is very pleasing to the eye because of that plush, blood red coloured door. 
As I climbed upstairs towards the restaurant, I noticed that the entire theme of this place was filled with solid and minimal shades of Black, Grey and Mauve.
Each table being placed away from each other at a decent distance preserving each guest’s privacy..
Being struck by OCD, I absolutely loved how each table was neatly decorated with table napkins, plates and cutlery; all in symmetry!
My taste buds were positively tingling with anticipation when I learnt that the entire menu had been carefully curated and crafted by celebrity Chef Sanjay Malkani himself!
Spicy Guava
We started off with a welcome drink which was soon served to us at our arrival. ‘Spicy Guava’ as they’ve named it, is a remarkable drink with well balanced flavors and spices. 
Jasmine Tea
The ‘Jasmine Tea’ is a traditional scented tea served during meals in Chinese culture for smooth digestion. It tastes subtly sweet and highly fragrant. 
Just like normally how every meal begins with soups and salads, we followed the same drill and proceeded forward..
Tender Coconut Soup
‘Tender Coconut Soup’ is one such finely made soup for one of those gloomy days. It can serve the purpose of a comfort food and would refresh your taste buds at the same time. 
Vietnamese Hot & Sour Salad
I’ve never been a salad person, and would shun away each time I heard Mom asking me to eat it.
So being a non – salad person, you must take my word seriously for this ‘Vietnamese Hot & Sour Salad’ as I absolutely relished munching on it. It was served crisp and cold with a fabulous quantity, fit enough for 2 people. 
Sushi Platter
‘Sushi Platter’ – as interesting as the name suggests, is a perfectly well plated dish with colors which are delectating to the ocular perceiver. The taste, quantity, flavors and the authenticity of this platter remained intact. 
My favourites among them were Asparagus Sushi and Salmon Sushi.
Kimchi Salad
The best thing I noticed here was that they serve unlimited ‘Kimchi Salad’, without an extra charge. And believe me, this was the best Kimchi salad everrr! Spicy, tangy and moist; how spectacular it tasted.. 
Steamed Chicken Sausage Bao
‘Steamed Chicken Sausage Bao’ –  is a steamed Bao filled with soft chicken sausage. The filling was smoking hot and moderately spiced. I was awestricken for its deliciousness! 
Smoked Duck Dimsum
Thinking about colors makes me absolutely ecstatic, and so did ‘Smoked Duck Dimsum’ for its 3 varied colors of fillings.
The Chef sure did take good care while making it with such intricate detailing. The meat seemed to be cooked perfectly, hence tasted pretty well. 
Chicken Sanpei
‘Chicken Sanpei’ is yet another starter sautéd in various spicy sauces and had a crispy coating. The chicken pieces were soft to chew and tasted incredibly good! 
Kung Pao Potato Wedges
‘Kung Pao Potato Wedges’ are a good option for vegetarians, as this starter is a blend of Chinese sauces tossed with hand cut potato wedges. It possesses more of a peppery taste and soothes the throat. 
Spicy level: High
Along with some lipsmacking food, we opted to call for a couple of Mocktails –
Peach Temptation
‘Peach Temptation’ is a light drink served chilled and has fruity, sweet- sour flavours.
Mango Colada
‘Mango Colada’ will definitely leave you speechless for its smooth, thick texture, richness in flavor and presentation.
This is one such awesome mocktail to sip this Mango season!
For mains, we were recommended a few dishes by the Chef himself and I totally admire his choice!
Sauted Flat Noodles
‘Sautéd Flat Noodles’ was the first dish for main course. Being loaded with atleast a dozen of vegetables, we gobbled it down within minutes. The taste and flavors of the noodles were well balanced. Slurrp!
Sri Lankan Sambal
When was the last time you tried something for the first time?
This sumptuous ‘Sri Lankan Sambal’ meal I had here is a well known delicacy made by our folks from the neighbourhood country.
The thick coconut gravy blended very well with tender chicken pieces, with minimal spices and seasoning. A dish that I would absolutely recommend!
~ Gluttony is a sin, so I’m a sinner! 😛 ~
Even after eating all this food, we had the guts to order desserts. Hence, showcasing you two of the few best desserts in the city- 
Thai Mango Fantasy
‘Thai Mango Fantasy’ would sure be a fantasy for all them fruit lovers! Thick Mango yogurt mixed with tropical fruits like Kiwis, Papaya, Banana and Grapes tasted heavenly.
Chocolate Bao
They say that, always keep the best for the last. So as per my discretion, I called for a ‘Chocolate Bao’ which grabs the spotlight of this review!
This soft Bao is filled with Hershey’s chocolate syrup and oozes out the entire chocolate when pierced with a spoon. Now this is dessert porn at its best! Absolutely recommended. 
Click here to watch the video. 
At the end of this meal, Mibonasa sure did make me a happy soul by its friendly hospitality and good food. I’m amazed by the response this place gets in spite being a new entrant!
My overall verdict for Mibonasa is 4.5/5
Overview – 
Cost: 960 for 2 people (as per Zomato)
Food: Excellent 
Service: Quick
What to order: Sushi Platter, Chicken Sanpei, their unbeatable variety of Baos and Dimsums. Sri Lankan Sambal for main course. And surely Chocolate Bao for dessert. 
You can also follow Mibonasa on Instagram & Twitter to stay updated with various events and activities. 

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