Recently I was privileged to review Navya’s buffet menu which had a variety of cuisines included in it. I have always adored the system of buffet brunches as there is so much food involved. 
Therefore I am going to give you a spoiler before you scroll ahead – I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! 🙂

This lovely restaurant is located inside the hotel “The Regale by Tunga” amidst Andheri’s MIDC area.

And now I am going to give you 8 reasons to why you should visit this restaurant!
1) It is lavish!
Navya has made an amazing attempt to create a lovely ambience with intricate detailing and comfort. With all those beautiful lights and chandeliers, the place looks even more fancier! Also the soft music which is played in the background would make you sink in to eternity. Well who wouldn’t want to feel opulent at times? 🙂

2) Kickass Starters
Yes, I mean it! As you walk in, they will serve a stunning round of starters ranging from vegetarian to meat, fish, and so on.. You name it, and they have it.
P.S. You would want to kill me after looking at the pictures. 😛
Prawns Hakka Style

Favorites come first for me, and these plateful of Prawns sautéed in Hakka style just owned it!
It had all sorts of spicy flavors as it was made in garlic and a few other spicy sauces. The Prawns were cooked to perfection. The dish was aromatic and flavorsome!

Chicken Banjara Kebab


As we all devour Kebabs, I consider this to be the best ones till date. They were smoky with a dash of tanginess and moderately spiced. Each chicken piece was properly cooked and that’s how the Kebab just melted in our mouths!
Tip: Eat before it gets cold.

Fish Amritsari

Fish Amritsari was all about shallow fried fish fillets coated with Rawa (Semolina) with a tinge of mild flavors within. However it somewhat tasted a little bland, so we requested the chef to prepare it in a bit more spicier marinade. 5 minutes was all he asked us to wait, and BAM!! Our customized palette of Fish Amritsari was served on our tables. MIND = BLOWN!

Fish Amritsari with added flavors
Paneer Zaffrani Tikka

For those who are pure vegetarians, Paneer is always a good idea.
Marinated in a few spices and cooked in a tandoor, it was a melt in mouth affair!

Rajasthani Cheese Tikki

 I still wonder why this had to be named as “Rajasthani Cheese Tikki”? If Rajasthan serves such heavenly dishes then I’m migrating to Rajasthan, literally! 😛
And also these tikkis were filled with cheese inside. Do I need to say anything more?

Cauliflower Manchurian

Cauliflower Manchurian aka our most favorite “Gobi Manchurian”
With such outstanding plating skills, the chef just took this dish to a whole new level. 😀

Chicken Badami Shorba

Soups are the most comforting part of any meal, and I enjoy having them the most. Unlike others, this soup was a pure outcome of creativity and innovation. As the name suggests, this was made in Badaam (Almonds). However it was served in Veg/ Chicken.
The aromas made it very evident that the soup was slow cooked, blending with rich flavors.

3) Pretty looking Mocktails

After we finished with our starters, the bartender gave us a tour of the bar and its widely spread menu. He also showed us the entire process of how he prepared our Mocktails.
Well here’s the sneak peek!

Stay Cool

Kiwi Mojito

4) Delectable Main Course

After an hour of completely enjoying our starters and drinks, we finally headed towards the buffet which was widely spread across the dining hall.

Although I was almost full with the starters, but there was so much more yummy food to taste that I couldn’t resist myself!
All in all there were 12 separate dishes in the main course along with pickles and salads.


Garlic Bread

Chicken Salami Salad

Paneer Makhani

 The Paneer Makhani was extremely creamy and buttery. Each piece blended with the gravy perfectly, and it tasted perfect with Naan/Rotis.

Black Bean Noodles
Chicken Methi

 To be honest, Chicken Methi definitely was a stunner! I had expected it to taste a little bitter, but the aperitive flavors of the chicken left me in awe..

Ginger Chilli Fish

 Ginger Chilli Fish is what I liked the most! The sharp yet subtle flavor of ginger did all the magic and gave this gravy an essence of spiciness with a slightly sweet and refreshing taste.

Dal Lasooni and Steamed Rice

Lastly there was Dal Rice for those who probably prefer “Ghar ka khaana” style cooked food. 🙂

So basically the main course consisted of Cuisines like Indian, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Continental and Mughlai. Isn’t that enough to satiate your craving for good food? :’)

5) Mouthwatering Desserts

There’s always room for dessert, irrespective of how much you have already eaten! 😛
I’m sure you must have already slipped into a food coma by now.

And the list doesn’t end here.. Now I’m going to take you on a dessert tour!

Kiwi Souffle

The Kiwi Souffle was delicious beyond words. Indeed a sinful indulgence!


Angoori Rasgulla

 These utterly delicious rasgullas just made my day. Made into bite sized pieces, they were incredibly soft!

Angoori Gulabjamun

 These Gulabjamuns were again, bite sized and covered with a coconut coating.

With an impeccable variety of desserts, diabetes suddenly seemed to look good today! 😀

6) Hospitality

How can I not give credits to the people who made, served and arranged this entire meal? 🙂
The people who served us food were absolutely friendly and paid attention to all our requirements.
Never did a point came when our glasses were empty. They made sure to fill water into our glass in regular intervals.
I loved the way how the chef prepared our dishes in time, and the best part about this place is that the entire management is open to suggestions and looks into every matter very seriously.

7) Accessibility

This restaurant is situated in a prime location, and is very easily accessible to the nearby areas like Bandra, Khar, Goregaon, and Andheri. So you save time on travelling too! 🙂

Still not convinced with the deal? I’ll give you one more mindblowing reason to visit this place!

8) Pocket friendly

Here comes the real deal, right?
Lunch Buffet only for Rs. 675 per head.

So now I think you have plenty reasons to cheat on your diet and go visit Navya today for a lavish meal! 🙂

Address: The Regale by Tunga, Plot no. 31, Central Road, MIDC, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400093
Phone Number: 022 6672 6672
Hours:  7:00 – 10:00 AM, 12:00 – 3:30 PM, 7:00 – 11:30 PM

The overall review for Navya would be 10/10.
You can also follow them on Zomato, Instagram, and Facebook.
A special thanks to the staff and management committee at Navya for hosting us. 🙂